How much money does a cosmetologist make a month

How much money does a cosmetologist make a month

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As a salon owner, you have the ability to control how much money you make a year. This especially applies if you operate your salon in a high traffic region and promote and market your business to industries, such as the fashion industry, that rely on hairstylists and make-up artists.

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The types and ranges of services that you offer can also help you to generate a higher annual income. As a salon owner, obtain the necessary licensing in the state in which you do business. Depending on the laws in the state, you also might be required to attend and graduate from an accredited cosmetology or barber school.

how much money does a cosmetologist make a month

According to the State College of Beauty Culture, you can expect to receive about customers a week. Salon location also impacts annual income.

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For example, the U. Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that regions and states where beauty professionals received the highest annual salaries were life of a successful forex trader District of Columbia, Hawaii and Washington.

how much money does a cosmetologist make a month

Although approximately 58 percent of salon owners operate full service establishments, you can provide niche services how much money does a cosmetologist make a month your clients. The BLS expects jobs for cosmetologists, barbers and personal appearance workers to grow by 20 percent from through Graduating from a cosmetology school and getting experience working as a cosmetologist may help you to succeed as a salon owner.

Furthermore, by using non-harmful and earth-friendly products you may attract more customers to your salon, increasing your annual profits and salary. By Rhonda Campbell eHow Contributor.

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